Lene Desmentik – Sporskifte

From September 21th – November 24th 2019 we will be presenting the exhibition “Sporskifte” (Switch) by Lene Desmentik: https://www.desmentik.dk/

Lene Desmentik is educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and she is represented by Charlotte Fogh Gallery https://www.charlottefogh.dk/ with whom we have been collaborating regarding the exhibition.

Lene is a prolific artist working with various materials. Often her work touches upon issues like identity and the concept of borders – be they physical, psychological or philosophical ones. The show “Sporskifte” takes as its vantage point the transformation of the harbor-area where the gallery is located.

Mark Tholander

From July 5. – September 15. 2019 we will be showing new works by the artist Mark Tholander. Mark has recently graduated from “Det Jyske Kunstakademi” (The Jutland Academy of fine Arts) , and his exhibition at the galleri will be presenting his latest work.

Still from “They built the widened coral reef” Mark Tholander 2019


Still from “They built the widened coral reef” Mark Tholander 2019
Still from “They built the widened coral reef” Mark Tholander 2019

Karen Havskov Jensen

12/4 – 30/6 – 2019

Karen Havskov Jensen is a prolific Danish artist who has worked in the field of textile sculpture for a number of years. Her art touches on various subjects – at our current exhibition the past and present of the Danish countryside features as a central theme.

Check out her webpage www.karenhavskov.dk


The Christmas Show 2018

30/11 – 22/12 2018

Benjamin Nordsmark, Janus Simmelsgaard etc.

At the “Christmas Show” we will be presenting works by the Danish artist Benjamin Nordsmark. The artist, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, has got a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Art, but has also been educated as a cabinetmaker.


“Selfie 1976”
“Comfortable Captivity”

At the “Christmas Show” we will also be presenting new ceramics by co-owner of the gallery Janus Simmelsgaard. Janus Simmelsgaard has got a BA i design from the Design School Kolding.

Klavs Weiss & Morten Gersager Abel

18/08 – 25/11 2018

August 18th we opened our very first exhibition at HOEJBJERG & SIMMELSGAARD. The exhibition presents works by Klavs Weiss and Morten Gersager Abel, respectively.

Klavs Weiss has developed an exhibition in our main gallery revolving around his piece “Wavy Bench” while Morten Gersager Abel is exhibiting his works in our side gallery.

Check out “Wavy Bench” here:

“Wavy Bench” 375 x 85 x 120 cm (app.) Wood, mirror glass and cast iron. Regarding price contact the gallery kh.js@outlook.com or +45 5194 9088

“Klavs with Texaco Tank Ship” 130 x 130 cm print on polyester. Price 2.500 kr.

2 works from the series “Wavy Lines”, linocut on paper. Price – without frames – 6.500 kr.

Morten Gersager Abel often creates his pieces from old vinyl flooring and wallpaper simulating wood. His pieces again on their side simulate “real” objects; crates, boxes, ladders etc. but are in fact flat, 2-dimensional objects defying any practical use.

“Crate” 95 x 87 x 2 cm, veneer on plywood. Price: 14.500 kr.

“Trestles” 105 x 86 x 2 cm, veneer on plywood.  (Sold)

“Cardboard Box” 95 x 95 x 1 cm, MDF-plate. Price 12.500 kr.

Morten Gersager Abel is associated with Galerie Pi, where you can see more of his work. Check out:

Morten Gersager Abel